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    • QDoes the interest rate remain the same?
    • ANo, Bitbank will adjust the rate based on the bitcoin global exchange rate.
    • QIs there any amount limit for the deposit?
    • AYes, an amount limit will be set to control the systemic financial.
    • QCan I withdraw my funds from the fixed deposit account before it has reached the end date?
    • AYes, users can withdraw the funds of their fixed deposit account before the end date. However, users must transfer their holdings to the investment market then it must be purchased by another user first. After their fixed deposit funds have been purchased by another user in the investment market, the user will be able to withdraw their funds from Bitbank.
    • QIs it legal to participate in bitcoin interest bearing accounts?
    • ABitbank is based in Shenzhen, China. Currently the Chinese government stated on Dec. 5th, 2013 that it’s legal for individuals to own and trade bitcoin.